Young People's Book Prize 2022 Award Ceremony

07 March 2023 13:00 - 14:00 Online Free Watch online

How do you build a skyscraper? Or say hello in Japanese? Can we farm insects, or eat microbes? What is rewilding? And what is Rosalind Franklin famous for?

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The six books shortlisted for the Young People’s Book Prize 2022 have launched children across the UK on a quest to meet scientists and engineers in past and present history, find answers to the world's most pressing challenges and discover the wide range of life forms on Earth, from the incredible world of microbes to the wolves of Yellowstone Park.

This year, a record-breaking 720 UK schools, science clubs and youth groups have taken up the challenge of judging this year’s prize. Over 14,000 young judges have poured over the pages full of bridges, beakers and beetles and have now declared their winner. 

This year's award ceremony will again be hosted by BAFTA-winning TV presenter Lindsey Russell and is an excellent occasion to meet the authors and discover this year’s winner. Don’t forget to grab a pen and paper as your knowledge of the shortlisted books will also be put to test in our Young People’s Book Prize Big Quiz!

The Young People’s Book Prize is made possible thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. Discover more about the Prize here

The authors and illustrators joining us live during the event are


Attending the event

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  • The event will be livestreamed here and on the Royal Society YouTube channel
  • You can send your questions to the authors and illustrators in advance (details to follow)
  • This event will be recorded and the recording will be available on YouTube soon after the event

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