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Event Highlights

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An expert panel discussion on climate change economics at COP28.


This is a hybrid event taking place at COP28 in Dubai with virtual streaming available.

The Royal Society and International Science Council are co-hosting an official United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) side event in the Blue Zone at COP28 in the United Arab Emirates.

Event background

Science is fundamental to global climate policy processes and action. The findings of physical climate science over recent decades have generated a deeper understanding of the very serious risks to human societies and ecosystems from current and future climate change. Economists also have sought to understand and assess the economic impacts of current and future climate and to inform governmental and private sector policies, finance, and strategic decisions. However, many economic assessments do not adequately reflect the scientific evidence of current and future climate change, often resulting in misleading portrayals of the possible economic consequences of climate change.

This highlights the need for fundamental changes within science itself that would lead to a more enhanced inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration between physical science, economics, and other social sciences, and the societal actors to overcome the long-term disconnect that has existed between these disciplines and the society in the context of climate change.

This side event will present key findings of the work undertaken by the Royal Society and the International Science Council on how to better understand economic impacts of climate change and accelerate science-based climate action globally. 

Confirmed speakers

Date and time 

Wednesday 6 December 2023, 2.30-4pm (GMT) / 6.30-8pm (GST, Dubai)

Side Event Room 6 (Zone B6, Building 85, Blue Zone) COP28, Dubai.

Watch the event online

This event will be livestreamed on the UNFCCC website and YouTube.

Attend the event in person

This event is available to attend free of charge for anyone already registered to attend the COP28 Blue Zone. Please note, only UNFCCC-accredited participants with passes will have access to the Blue Zone. The event will take place in Side Event Room 6 (Zone B6, Building 85, Blue Zone) COP28, Dubai.

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