How does ecological risk relate to commercial risk?

03 - 04 October 2024 00:00 - 00:00 The Royal Society
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On 3-4 October 2024, the Royal Society will host an event to raise business awareness of the commercial risks they face as a result of ecological risks to their supply chains. The event will provide business leaders a chance to engage with leading scientists to develop their understanding of how environmental changes present new risks to their supply chains and business models. 

To promote greater action on nature-related risks, the Royal Society will convene key stakeholders from science, commodity supply chain businesses, and financial services to build on the findings of the Dasgupta Review and global initiatives such as the Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures. The event will provide an opportunity for businesses, scientists and economists to engage with the latest research on nature and develop shared research priorities.

The event will look at a range of different business risks and will highlight supply chain dependencies across competitors within a sector and between sectors that rely on resources from the same region. It will also examine which metrics are important for measuring and managing nature-related risks in particular sectors. The hope is to promote collaboration and identify consensus policy recommendations to protect nature.

Attending this event

  • This is an in person event intended for business leaders and scientists in relevant fields.
  • This event is by invitation only. You can request an invitation by completing this form
  • Timings for each day of the event will be confirmed soon.
  • Enquiries: contact the Science Policy team.