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Soirees (information for exhibitors only)

About soirees

Please note, the information below is relevant to exhibitors of the Summer Science Exhibition only.

The Soirees are exclusive evening openings of the Exhibition for invited guests, on Wednesday 8 July and Thursday 9 July 2020.

Who can I invite to the Soirees?

Exhibit groups are permitted to invite a maximum of three VIP guests to the Soirees. These guests may attend on either evening, details of which should be confirmed in Form B. Formal invitation email templates will be sent to you by January, so you can start inviting your guests, and the names and details of your three confirmed guests will be submitted to the Royal Society in Form B

We recommend you contact your invited guests and confirm their availability as early as possible. You can use the following PDF template invitations or JPEG images (for insertion into email) for your invites.

Please ensure that any invitation emails are sent directly from yourselves, and that your guests confirm back to you. The Royal Society should have no contact with guests until they have been confirmed and submitted on your Form Bs.

Examples of who you might choose to invite include:

  • Department head 
  • Industrial Partner  

Examples of people automatically invited to the Soirees:

  • Fellows of the Royal Society
  • Vice-Chancellors or senior representatives of the lead and co-lead organisations for each exhibit
  • Individuals from the main funding bodies

Any additional invites you wish to make to your exhibit partners should be included in your guest names submitted in Form B.

Please note, we appreciate that some groups are collaborative projects between different institutions. On Form B you will be asked to specify the leads or co-lead organisations for your exhibit. You can have more then one co-lead for your exhibit, but this should be justified and within reason. Any co-lead should play a major role in the planning process, decision making, exhibit content and delivery of your stand, otherwise they would be counted as a partner organisation and would not be eligible to qualify for an automatic invitation to the soirees. 

How many exhibitors can attend the Soirees?

On each Soiree evening, we permit six members of each exhibit team to staff their stand during the night. Due to the building capacity, we cannot accommodate more than six, and any additional names will not be allowed. You may wish to allow as many members to attend as possible over the two evenings (12 in total), but exhibitors are welcome to attend both evenings if they wish.

There must be a minimum of 3 exhibitors staffing your exhibit during the soirees. Please do take it in turns to staff the exhibit, giving all staff the chance to eat and talk to invited guests. 

What is the dress code for the Soirees?

The dress code for the Soirées is black tie - optional. Guests may wear dinner jackets, tuxedos, dark suits, evening/cocktail dresses, formal/business wear or cultural wear. You are welcome to wear decorations (e.g badges and medals) if you wish.

Exhibitors are expected to attend the event wearing similar attire. Name badges will be printed specifically for the Soiree evenings therefore exhibitors do not need to wear their exhibitor lanyards. 

If you have any questions, please email

If you need to bring in clothes for the Soirees, please come to the exhibition Information desk between 9.30am and 9.45am on the mornings of Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 July and a member of the exhibition team will store/hang them upstairs. The team will drop them down to your stand after the exhibition closes to the public on those days.