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Professor Angela Karp

My research

My current research focuses on optimising the sustainable yield and composition of perennial biomass crops (especially willows) for bioenergy, biofuels and other industrial products, under the constraints of low-input arable systems. I am particularly interested in understanding the basis of perennial traits and improving the value of willow biomass through development of high value products.

My journey

I have always adopted the practise that when I am working – I am 100% working efficiently and when I am at home with my children, I am 100% with them. When they were small this meant working late into the night once they had gone to bed, to make up for the fact I had to finish promptly to be home before 6pm with them. I viewed the after school time and weekend time as their time with me and I pledged never to come home from work saying I was too busy or tired to do something important to them - even though this often meant working late after they had gone to bed. I was on my own with two children and a demanding job but this kept a strong bond between us all. My parents helped out if I was at meetings or conferences. Even, so, I cut down the number I attended, which did affect my profile. Looking back my parents' support was immensely helpful. Now my mother has dementia and I am willingly giving up my time to help my dad with her. It’s the least I can do.

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