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Professor Anita Thapar

My research

I am a  clinical child psychiatrist as well as an academic. My research focuses mainly on childhood ADHD but I have also conducted work on other childhood disorders including depression. My research work has mainly involved genetic and epidemiological studies - looking at how genes and environment contribute.  My clinical work means I see children and adolescents with a range of neurodevelopmental disorders and early onset mental illness.

My journey

In my career I have had a lot of support and encouragement from my husband. I have also been lucky in having helpful mentors and working with colleagues who value family life and understand the need for flexibility.  I worked part-time when the children were younger but have still at times needed to be flexible with work as demands arise, such as making sure I am at home when there are important exams. I have not travelled as much or gone away to meetings as often as I might have done otherwise. However I feel that it has been worthwhile in supporting the children and next year, our youngest will leave school so I will have plenty of time to travel then. I have found being able to work at home when needed (for example when writing papers) a huge help.

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