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Professor Claire Grierson

My research

I really enjoy being the plant or cell biologist in an interdisciplinary team. Current projects tackle:

1. How plants contribute to soil cohesion, for example to prevent soil erosion. This is a collaboration with environmental scientists and biophysicists.

2. New ways to control gene activity in bacterial populations. This work is done with engineers and biochemists.

3. How patterns of molecules and cells arise - a collaboration with mathematicians.

My journey

My life has required stubbornness, hard work and luck! Once Mark was too ill to work we advertised for someone to help with housework and children, who could help Mark enjoy family life when I couldn't be there. We rejected quite a few applicants before we found Carol, who our children see as an extra aunt. The flexibility of academic work means I can fit in hospital visits at short notice, look after sick children/husband, and get to some school events. I have sometimes had to dig deep and work very hard when I'd rather be sleeping, bathing, or watching the tennis, but I am never bored!

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