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Dr Jo Shien Ng

My research

I develop electronic devices that detect light and produce electrical current with high sensitivities. The types of activities are wide-ranging, including producing new design ideas, developing raw materials for the devices, producing and assessing test samples to rule out or confirm new ideas. If development for a particular device goes well, the devices could end up in scientific/industrial sensing instruments whose principle of operation depends on sensitive detection of light. Progress in my research relies heavily on collaborative working with people with different expertise, which makes work more satisfying for me than working alone.

My journey

My husband and I are both full-time academics, working in the same department. It was only after our first child was born, we realised the size of challenge in having two fulfilling careers and an enjoyable family life simultaneously. With mental and practical supports from each other, we have so far largely succeeded. In addition, I find an open mind set, good organisation skills, and willingness to adapt - which I have also relied on as an academic - help me enormously in achieving a family life that we desire.

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