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Dr Luke Boulter

My research

My group seeks to understand the processes that happen as an adult tissue undergoes regeneration to repair itself, and then asks whether these processes are hijacked or co-opted to drive carcinogenesis, with the aim of finding small molecules which can target these molecular switches as a therapy for cancer, or to enhance regeneration and repair. We use a combination of in vivo and in vitro models as well as pathological human tissue to do this and primarily focus on the liver and colon in health and disease to better understand these processes.

My journey

Balancing work and family is a skill that I have only recently had to develop, since my husband and I adopted two children, four and six years old. What I have found is that whereas previously I would just stay that extra hour or two at the end of the day, I can no longer do this. In fact I rather like not being able to, as I would rather be home for supper and story time! This has meant a great deal more time management in the day and more sitting up at night getting something finished at home. I work at home on Monday afternoons, whilst my children do jigsaws, arts and crafts and Ed is secreted away studying for his MLitt. By taking these afternoons I get some rare one-on-one time with them, which is excellent fun.

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