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Living Landscapes

What should the future of the countryside look like?

The Royal Society’s Living Landscapes policy programme aims to inform a long-term vision for how the UK manages its land in a way that combines agricultural productivity with sound environmental stewardship.

We will explore what science and technology have to contribute, and what peoples' priorities for the land are. 

We are producing a series of reports to summarise areas of new or uncertain science. These focus on challenges of policy relevance. For example, our first report evaluated interventions to reduce agricultural ammonia emissions

We will also be conducting a public discussion on what people want from the land in the future. This discussion will bring in a variety of views on important questions. For example, how should the UK balance its farming, heritage and conservation needs in a sustainable way? 

Now is an important moment for the future of the UK countryside. Changes to the UK’s relationship with the EU mean changes to agricultural and environmental policy. Drawing together the latest scientific evidence will allow the UK to manage this change well.

Living Landscapes is chaired by Charles Godfray FRS. For more information on the programme, please contact the Living Landscapes team.

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