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Timeline of statements, blogs and articles from the Royal Society on COVID-19

The following reports and blog posts reflect the science and evidence available at the time they were published. 

Covid-19 remains a live and challenging issue; the scientific evidence included in these reports may have since been updated or changed and so these publications may not necessarily reflect the current understanding of the pandemic, but remain here in their original state as a record of the Royal Society’s contribution.  

Date Type Title
22 March 2022 Workshop summary COVID-19 and its impact on minority ethnic groups in the UK (PDF)
29 January 2021 Blog post Why we know vaccines work
5 January 2021 Report jointly published with the Ada Lovelace Institute Learning data lessons: data access and sharing during COVID-19 (PDF)
26 November 2020 SET-C rapid review Herd immunity in the epidemiology and control of COVID-19 (PDF)
24 November 2020 DELVE report UK response to pandemic hampered by poor data practices
10 November 2020 SET-C rapid review Vaccine hesitancy threatens to undermine pandemic response (PDF)
23 October 2020 SET-C rapid review Long Covid: what is it, and what is needed? (PDF)
1 October 2020 DELVE report SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Development & Implementation; Scenarios, Options, Key Decisions
14 September 2020 Blog post Lessons learnt during COVID-19 lockdown
26 August 2020 SET-C rapid review The SARS-CoV-2 genome: variation, implication and application (PDF)
24 August 2020 SET-C rapid review Reproduction number (R) and growth rate (r) of the COVID-19 epidemic in the UK (PDF)
14 August 2020 DELVE report Economic Aspects of the COVID-19 Crisis in the UK
12 August 2020 Blog post Key questions for modelling COVID-19 exit strategies
28 July 2020 Blog post What makes a data scientist? Why professional skills and behaviours are more important than ever
24 July 2020 DELVE report Balancing the Risks of Pupils Returning to Schools
14 July 2020 News Venki Ramakrishnan responds to Health Secretary’s statement on face coverings
7 July 2020 DELVE report Report on Face Masks for the General Public - An Update
6 July 2020 DELVE report Scoping Report on Hospital and Health Care Acquisition of COVID-19 and its Control
26 June 2020 SET-C rapid review Face masks and coverings for the general public: Behavioural knowledge, effectiveness of cloth coverings and public messaging (PDF)
24 June 2020 SET-C rapid review ABO Blood Groups and COVID-19 (PDF)
24 June 2020 Blog post Getting data right: governance for people and society
18 June 2020 SET-C rapid review Vitamin D and COVID-19 (PDF)
27 May 2020 DELVE report Test, Trace, Isolate
21 May 2020 Blog post COVID-19 rapid review initiative – an update
19 May 2020 SET-C rapid review The immune response, inflammation, and vascular disease of COVID-19 (PDF)
18 May 2020 Blog post Is self-isolating alone actually bad for our mental health?
18 May 2020 Blog post Following the science
4 May 2020 DELVE report Face Masks for the General Public
3 May 2020 Blog post Science in Lockdown: the effects of COVID-19 on research and researchers
29 April 2020 Blog post RAMP update
27 April 2020 News Scholarly publishers work together to maximise efficiency during COVID-19 pandemic
7 April 2020 Blog post Why do viruses jump from animals to humans? Clues to the COVID-19 pandemic
16 March 2020 News Royal Society responds to coronavirus prevention measures announced by Government
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