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Open Access Membership

Open Access Membership

Our open access membership helps institutions to support researchers who are mandated to publish their research using the open access model. We offer a customised approach to each membership and a commitment to transparent pricing. We will continue to offer this option alongside our Read & Publish agreements.  

The payment process is straightforward and manageable with reporting to help you keep track of your funds. Your researchers will receive up to 25% discount on article processing charges, making research grants and institutional open access funds stretch further. You’ll receive detailed reports on who from your institution is publishing with us. We’re committed to helping institutions publish as much as they can.

Standard Open Access Membership

Each member institution pays an annual fee based on the number of open access articles it published in the Royal Society’s journals during the previous year. Authors affiliated to member institutions then receive a 25% discount on the article processing charge for publishing in any of our journals. This allows your institution to support open access publishing, and enables authors to publish at a substantially discounted rate.

Prepay Open Access Membership

Prepay membership enables an organisation to completely cover article processing charges incurred by its researchers. Prepay members deposit a minimum of £5,000, from which article processing charges are deducted at a 10% discount. The institution authorises each payment before it is processed, meaning that you can choose exactly which projects and researchers are supported by the fund. There is no time limit on the funds being spent.

Reports showing details of funds spent and funds remaining are sent to members, and can be created at any time.  

We are committed to supporting open access, and offer institutions and authors a high level of flexibility to accommodate individual needs and requirements.

Open Access Agreements

Max Planck Digital Library ( MPDL )

From 1 July 2018 authors submitting to Open Biology or Royal Society Open Science from eligible institutions affiliated with MPDL will have their list price APCs covered centrally by Max Planck Digital Library

From 1 January 2021 MPDL will move to a ‘Publish and Read’ model covering all institutions and all Royal Society journals.

Technische Informationsbibliothek (TiB)

From 1 January 2020 authors submitting to our journals from eligible institutions from Technische Informationsbibliothek (TiB) in Germany will receive a discount on their APC.

Open Access Members

Institution Country Membership model Notes
The University of Melbourne Australia Standard  
The University of Western Australia Australia  Standard  
Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences Finland Standard  
Oslo University Norway Standard  
EMBL Germany   Standard  
Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) Germany   Standard  
American University of Beirut Lebanon Standard  
TU Delft  Netherlands  Prepay Membership covers Royal Society Open Science and Open Biology
VU University Amsterdam
Netherlands Standard   
University of Basel Switzerland  Standard  
University of Fribourg Switzerland Standard    
Brunel University United Kingdom Standard  
Imperial College London United Kingdom Standard    
Natural History Museum United Kingdom Standard
University of Bath United Kingdom  Standard  
University of Bristol United Kingdom Standard and Prepay Prepay Membership covers RCUK funded authors
University of Dundee  United Kingdom Prepay
University of Durham  United Kingdom  Standard  
University of East Anglia United Kingdom Standard  
University of Glasgow United Kingdom Standard and Prepay Prepay Membership covers RCUK, Wellcome and COAF funded authors
University of Leicester United Kingdom Standard  
University of Nottingham United Kingdom Standard  
Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom Standard  
University of Warwick United Kingdom Standard  
Iowa State University  United States of America   Standard   
Michigan State University United States of America   Standard  
MIT Libraries  United States of America   Standard   
University of Arizona  United States of America   Standard   
University of California
United States of America  Standard
Includes all campuses:
• Berkeley (and Lawrence Berkeley Lab)
• Davis
• Irvine
• Los Angeles
• Merced
• Riverside
• San Diego
• San Francisco
• Santa Barbara
• Santa Cruz
University of Massachusetts Amherst United States of America   Standard   
University of Minnesota United States of America   Standard   
Tufts University United States of America   Standard  
Virginia Tech University United States of America   Standard   

The Royal Society is a member of OASPA, the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association.

Find out more information on how to submit an article and about publishing open access with us.

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