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Royal Society Journal Collection: Science in the making

From 'Description of a Simple Micrometer for Measuring Small Angles with the Telescope', Tiberius Cavallo, F. R. S. vol. 81, 1791, Figure VIII, p. 294


This collection is also available for your institution to own with extra features. If you think your institution would benefit from purchasing the collection please recommend to your librarian or you can find out more on our archive purchasing page.

For the first time, high quality full colour images of the original Royal Society journals from 1665 to 1997 will be available online.

The first issue of Philosophical Transactions was published by the Secretary of the Royal Society, Henry Oldenburg, in 1665. The journal would become a key means of establishing scientific priority, and its editorial processes would lay the groundwork for the modern practice of 'peer review'.

Over the years Royal Society Journals have published articles by Sir Christopher Wren, Benjamin Franklin, James Clerk Maxwell, Alan Turing, Kathleen Lonsdale, Stephen Hawking and Dorothy Hodgkins, covering major developments across the entire scientific spectrum. Philosophical Transactions has become the oldest continuously-published science journal in the world.

Royal Society Journal Collection

Following our landmark 350 years of publishing, we have been working hard to make original manuscripts from 1665 to 1996 available online. The new collection will include annotations, illustrations, and additional material that has so far only been available to people visiting our library.

Improved metadata means the collection will be easier to search, helping you to navigate through over 350 years of science in the making. Find out more about the journal digitisation project on our blog.