The Royal Society Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (RS ACME) works to improve the mathematical and quantitative skills of young people. Explore the publications below to see the work the Committee has undertaken in this area.

Recent work

  • Mathematics education reform - In January 2023 the Society's President, Sir Adrian Smith, responded to an announcement from Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister, about Mathematics education reform. This was followed by a statement made in April 2023 in response to the announcement of an expert-led review of Mathematics education to 18. The Society believes there is a strong case for increasing the mathematical and quantitative skills of young people, as outlined in this publication
  • Core Maths - In 2022, the Society and The British Academy published a joint statement on the importance of promoting Core Maths as practical and valuable qualifications. The Society also published a blog, written by Professor Paul Glaister CBE, called We need to support Core Maths qualifications to realise young people's ambitions.
  • GCSE Mathematics resits - In 2021, RS ACME undertook a programme of work to examine the existing policy on GCSE resits which resulted in two Working Papers.
  • COVID-19 - In December 2020, the Society and the Joint Mathematical Council for the UK submitted a joint response to the Commons Education Committee Inquiry into the impact of COVID-19 on education and children's services. An overview of the submission is also available. 

Past work