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  • Genetically modified plants

    Genetically modified plants: questions and answers

  • Genetic technologies

    What can and should genetic technologies be used for?

  • Stem cell research and therapeutic cloning: an update

    PDF, 417.3KB. Degenerative  diseases and serious injuries to organs and tissues may be treated through stem cell therapies. ... Research on human embryonic stem cells will be required to investigate all of the potential therapies because other cell types

  • Event

    Cloning, stem cells and regenerative medicine

    Public lecture by Professor Sir Ian Wilmut FMedSci FRSE FRS, University of Edinburgh

  • Royal Society Fellow

    Richard Gardner

    Richard Gardner is a developmental biologist who devised techniques for performing microsurgery on mammalian embryos, paving the way to a greater understanding of embryonic development, cell differentiation, and control of the…

  • Stem Cell Research Committee: Stem cell research

    20 June 2001. The Royal Society issued two documents on the subject of stem cell research in 2000: Therapeutic Cloning and Stem Cell Research and Therapeutic Cloning: an update. ... PDF, 69.9KB. This further update has been prepared in response to the

  • Journal - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences

    Developmental biology and the redirection or replacement of cells

    Dec 29, 1999 - The aim of developmental biology is to understand how an egg converts itself into a complete organism through the processes of cell differentiation, morphogenesis and size regulation. The principles that have emerged over recent decades include the

  • News

    Seven days in science - 15 October 2010

    15 Oct 2010 - The Royal Society is a Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. We aim to expand the frontiers of knowledge by championing the development and use of science, mathematics,

  • Event

    How embryos build organs to last a lifetime

    Watch the fascinating Croonian Lecture by Professor Brigid Hogan FRS on how embryos build organs.

  • Journal - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

    Life sciences and biotechnology in China

    Mar 1, 2007 - Life science and biotechnology have become a top priority in research and development in many countries as the world marches into the new century. China as a developing country with a 1.3 billion population and booming economy is actively meeting

  • CMO Expert Group: Therapeutic Cloning

    PDF, 350.1KB. This submission focuses on stem cells because of their application to a wide range of therapeutic interventions. ... Stem cells are defined here as cells that retain the capacity to renew themselves and produce more specialized progeny.

  • Human reproductive cloning

    31 December 2002. Public anxiety is being raised by recent hype and speculation surrounding claims about human reproductive cloning. ... This statement has been prepared by Lord May of Oxford, President of the Royal Society, Professor Richard Gardner,

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