Mathematics Teaching

There is a very welcome aspiration for a world-leading education system in England, within which all young people develop high levels of mathematical competence and confidence.

In order to achieve this, the Royal Society Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) understands the need for highly-effective teachers of mathematics and this vision rests on strong foundations of mathematics-specific knowledge that is gained through a mix of personalised and collaborative learning opportunities.

Previous RS ACME work in this area:

  • Teacher development - In 2016, the Society convened an expert panel to develop a report on Professional learning for all teachers of mathematics (PDF). The report sets out principles for teachers, senior leaders and those who commission and provide professional learning. There are also some online tools to support reflection on the development of mathematics-specific knowledge and how to foster mathematics-specific professional learning within schools and colleges. Cambridge Mathematics and the Wellcome Trust supported this project.
  • Initial teacher education – In 2015, the Society published Beginning teaching: best in class? (PDF) The report urged for the articulation of a shared standard for the initial teacher education (ITE) of teachers of mathematics. Although the focus was on high-quality ITE, the project also identified some elements that could form part of a comprehensive plan to secure the future supply of teachers of mathematics. A number of activities were undertaken to inform the report, including a review of some elements of the ITE system in four jurisdictions (Germany, Massachusetts, Shanghai and Singapore).